Testimonials for AK Sports Massage

It is not possible to think of a therapist who I trust more than Aileen. Over the past 10 years, since we first met, I have only ever felt immensely better after seeing her.

Aileen is an extremely reliable, calm and grounded person and her treatments mirror these qualities- which combined with wonderful intuition and remarkable strength and sensitivity make her a treasure for anybody looking for an outstanding massage.

She is also very flexible and accommodating and will always do her best to fit in with her clients’ schedules.

I really can’t recommend Aileen highly enough.

Priya M.

I have been treated by Aileen for over 4 years now, and found her to be the best therapist I have ever had, and believe me, I have had many!

I have been suffering with back problems for the past 10 years and have been treated by chiropractors, physiotherapists, and almost any kind of therapy available, the list is long.  I always come back to Aileen as she has that gift in her hands to really make a difference, even after one or two treatments.  Where others might have the skill, she has that extra ability to really listen to you and to your body.  And even if you come complaining of a pain in the lower back she knows it could actually be generated from elsewhere.  Apart from her ‘magic hands’ Aileen is a lovely lady with a calm, friendly yet professional manner that puts you at ease as soon as you walk through the door.

I would highly recommend her!

Gili V.

As a personal trainer and class instructor of over six years’ experience, and someone in their 40s who weight trains five days a week, it’s imperative that I have regular sports massage therapy. Additionally, in my career I have met and been treated by many sports therapists. I discovered that Aileen practised in my local gym, and I went to see her with a nagging back issue. After a few sessions, and regular ones thereafter, Aileen has helped me into the best shape of my life. She is tremendously knowledgeable, experienced and a brilliant sports therapist – absolutely top of the tree. Crucially, Aileen is always looking to improve an already excellent service by learning new techniques and applications thereof; in addition she’s great to chat with, flexible on times and given her very high level of expertise, not expensive. I cannot recommend Aileen highly enough, and in me she now has a long-term client. Fantastic.

Matt L.

If you suffer from muscular pains I strongly recommend that you put yourself in Aileen Kennedy’s hands. It certainly worked for me.

Ken S.

I have been a client of Aileen’s now for about 5 years. Working long hours sat over a computer wreaks havoc on everyone’s neck, shoulders and lower back over time, despite our denial.  And I was no different.

I went to Aileen out of desperation 5 years ago, because I was in agony, and she could see me at short notice. Her calm, welcoming nature, coupled with her firm but gentle and effective technique has had me coming back ever since!

It was quite extraordinary the difference it made. I would recommend going to see Aileen even if you don’t have any specific physical ailments. I just feel sorry that she can’t experience her own massages!

Kesh N.

I had my first visit to Aileen in 2002 and have been hooked ever since.  She is so good that I currently drive an hour each way to see her – it is totally worth it.  Aileen quickly isolates the pain and works it away.  She is keen to ensure I can get back to my usual level of activity quickly and in comfort.  Aileen has the knack of targeting the right areas that are not even obvious to me – the result is I am pain free.  I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Bhavin G.