Sports Massage

Sports massage, deep tissue massage, remedial massage, pregnancy massage and sports injuries treatment in North London: Southgate, Finchley, Barnet, Whetstone, Muswell Hill and Enfield

In a nutshell, an AK sports massage is a treatment that uses a combination of techniques to help release muscle tension.

Its base is deep tissue massage, which uses firmer pressure to work into the knots or adhesions that can develop in muscle fibres.  Depending on the problem, other techniques may be used in addition; these  include trigger point techniques, PNF stretching, soft tissue release, positional release therapy, myofascial release and cross-fibre frictions, amongst others.

These techniques all help to re-balance muscles which have been under strain due to any number of reasons, such as:-

  • over-doing it in training
  • sitting slouched at your desk for 8 hours a day
  • allowing a niggle to become chronic
  • spraining your ankle and trying to carry on as normal…etc. etc. etc.

What sports massage is also great at doing is helping to prevent injury.  A regular sports massage can help to stop your hamstring tearing due to the niggle you didn’t know you had, or help avoid your back going into spasm when you pick up your two-year old.

Sports massage helps with recovery from injury; helps to reduce stiffness and increase range of movement; helps to ease the pain and discomfort of tight muscles.

Whatever your reason for needing a treatment, at AK Sports Massage you’re in good hands.